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    Operate Your Jamestown Home Blinds Shades & Shutters and blinds by Remote Control or even cell phone!!

    Motorized Blinds & Shades and Shutters

    The Ultimate in Safety and Convenience
    Motorizing your blinds or shades or shutters is a smart way to get the most out of your window treatments. You’ll enjoy freedom from cords, ease of use, and a clean, sophisticated look. Plus, Jamestown Home Blinds Motorized window fashions allow a range of control options, including integration into your smart-home system.
    For homes with children or pets, motorized blinds and shades and shutters provide the ultimate in safety. Control your window treatments with remotes, smartphone apps, or a motorized wand. Each option has its own benefits.

    Motorized Window Shades

    There is no better solution than Jamestown Home Blinds motorized window coverings. Our motorized components will make your life easier, with the convenience of remote-control window shades or shutters or blinds. A motorized shade or shutter system is ideal for homeowners with hard-to-reach windows, as well as those wanting to enhance privacy or benefit from a more convenient way to adjust their window shades, shutters or blinds.

    All our shades have the are among the selection of motorized window coverings we offer, as they feature an optional Remote lift motorized system that lifts and lowers shades with the touch of a button. You can choose to raise or lower a single shade or all the shades in the room at once, all from one spot. You have complete control over the height of the shades and your Jamestown window shades will open and close with ease.

    Motorized Window Shutters and motorized blinds

    Jamestown Home Blinds motorized shutters and blinds can be controlled remotely or even through a cell phone app. Get that perfect tilt with out having to get up from your couch. Glare on your tv no worries you can adjust the tilt on your blinds and shutters with ease. It’s perfect for high windows and hard to reach windows.

    Jamestown Home Blinds Professional Installation and Service

    Your motorized window coverings will not only just look great and function properly with effective installation job. And with Jamestown Home Blinds, you have nothing to worry about. Our expert installation crews are ready to install motorized shutters and blinds or window shades in your home. Our professional installers will help to ensure your remote-controlled window shades and shutters will operate perfectly from the very start and continue to perform optimally for years to come

    Call Jamestown Home Blinds today to schedule a design expert to come to your home. You can call us at 301-263-7400 or simply complete and submit our convenient online request form.